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present experiences

embracing presence | empowering the community | appreciating local wonders

present experiences @ work

a corporate affair - cultivating a healthier workplace
virtual / on-site / off-site

present experiences @ work aims to support your physical and mental wellness at your workplace. our corporate programmes are unique and thoughtfully tailored for you, inviting you to discover the wonders of being mindfully present at work, as well as forming positive connections with your colleagues through shared experiences.

Yoga at Home

upcoming experiences


take a nafas 2.0
with nafas yoga

aug 11-14, 2023
langkawi island, kedah

breathe. live. grow.

in conjunction with nafas yoga's fourth year anniversary, present experiences join forces once again with nafas yoga to host our first yoga retreat across the straits of malacca. together we invite you to disconnect to reconnect in nature's embrace.


our story

it started with COIVD-19, and a will to make a difference.

​the pandemic impacted lives in more ways than one. it unapologetically took the livelihoods of some away. it encouraged change. it forced us to slow down, at the same time, it allowed us more room for reflection in this renewed pace of life.

and reflections led towards the realisation that, truly, nothing is more valuable than simply being, in the now.

the team at present experiences wishes to curate powerful experiences that go beyond feel good retreats and functional workshops. each and every experience is thoughtfully created, inviting you to discover the bliss of being mindfully present. 

forget escaping from reality - learning to embrace presence is at the heart of all we do, here at present experiences.

we are excited to be a part of your unique journey towards self-discovery.

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