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freedom to fly -

arm balance series

with abigail wan

august 10, 2021;
august 31, 2021.
virtual, zoom

find courage and stability to take flight on your arms with abigail wan. explore, progress and have fun across a series of classes, mindfully put together over two (2) public holidays. take one or take both - different anatomical elements are explained and a varied set of arm balance postures, together with their transitions, are broken down to accessible steps in each class.

join from the comfort of your home, but open your heart to discoveries made outside your comfort zone. experience the powerful, collective energy of a fully supportive community that transcends through physical space. classes will be catered for all levels of practitioners but not recommended for complete beginners.

the experience

each 1-hour 30-minute session comprises of the elements necessary to prepare the body and mind for the arm balances and their transitions explored within the class, including:

  • meditation and breathwork - encouraging mental clarity and stability in the breath;

  • warm up and drills - readying the body for the practice for injury prevention, and teaching the body relevant activations in preparation for the flow;

  • flow and more drills - moving through postures leading up to the arm balances in a manner that syncs the movement with the breath, and reminding the body the relevant activations, working toward the arm balances and their transitions;

  • play time - introducing and breaking down the fundamental components to ensure safe entry into and exit from the arm balances, as well as experimenting with transitions on the arms;

  • cool down and relaxation (no more drills) - allowing for gradual recovery.

the schedule

1000-1130 (1h 30m)

  • we will start checking participants in ten (10) minutes before the start of the class;

  • a short briefing will be given two (2) minutes before the start of the class;

  • please be punctual, we will stop checking participants in as soon as the class commences at 1000.

august 10, 2021


public holiday

  • eka pada bhujasana

  • astavakrasana

  • eka pada koundinyasana II

august 31, 2021


also a public holiday

  • parsva bakasana

  • eka pada koundinyasana I

  • maksikanagasana

your teacher

PX_E3_Instructor_Abigail Wan_1_edited_edited.jpg

abigail wan


abi is the founder of present experiences.

she wishes to inspire people in their unique journeys and aims to make yoga accessible for everyone. abi strives to create an energetic, engaging, and enjoyable, yet safe and welcoming environment for all, as she leads you through sequences with emphasis on thoughtful breath-movement connection. come experience her light-heartedness and enthusiasm in a fun-filled practice!


the fee

  • rm60 per space per class; or

  • rm100 per space for all two (2) classes.

all payments are to be made via bank transfers to the following bank account:

cimb bank berhad
present experiences wellness services

frequently asked questions

how do i access the class?

all classes will be held virtually via zoom. we highly recommend to have the zoom application downloaded on your device(s) for ease of accessing the classes.

the zoom link will be sent to you via email one (1) hour before the class commences. if your space has been confirmed but you did not receive the zoom link within one (1) hour before class commencement, please email us at

do i need to turn my camera on?

we encourage you to turn your camera if your network allows, as we will be able to provide more personalised form guidance from time to time. however, if you feel uncomfortable with the camera turned on, feel free to turn it off.

can my family member(s) join the class? do they need to pay any additional fees?

your family members may join the class with no additional fees, as long as you are staying together and using the same zoom account.

do i need to prepare any props for the class?

you will need a mat, additional props (blocks, straps, bolsters) are optional. you will be informed beforehand if specific props are needed for the class, but options will be given if you do not have the props ready.

if i am unable to participate in the class after my space is confirmed, can i ask for a refund?

payments are strictly not refundable, but you may transfer your space to someone else. email us at at least two (2) hours before class and we will get you sorted.

if there are any disruptions to the class, can i ask for a refund?

unless the technical difficulty arose from our end, payments are strictly not refundable. if you experience any disruptions during the class, email us at

your booking

to book your space, click the "book now" button, follow the instructions stated to make payment, then fill up and submit the google form - we will verify your payment and confirm your space via email within three (3) working days.

  • the individual classes will be open for bookings up to two (2) hours before the class commences.

  • kindly note that successful form submission does not secure your space in the class - your space is only confirmed upon receiving payment in full.

  • visit t&c for the detailed terms and conditions.

by making a booking with present experiences you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions stated.

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