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present experiences @ work

a corporate affair - cultivating a healthier workplace

while vacations and retreats may provide temporary relief from work-related stress (and are generally great for the soul), the truth is that most of us spend over forty (40) hours every week at work - learning to live in the moment is crucial and proves to be far more effective and powerful.

​embracing presence is at the heart of all we do, here at present experiences.

present experiences @ work aims to support your physical and mental wellness at your workplace. our corporate programmes are unique and thoughtfully tailored for you, inviting you to discover the wonders of being mindfully present at work, as well as forming positive connections with your colleagues through shared experiences.

all yoga, movement, breathwork and meditation classes are led by a team of experienced, internationally certified teachers.

virtual, on-site at your workplace or off-site classes can be arranged (subject to covid-19 related sops).

reasons for present experiences @ work

tailored programme and continuous support

once or twice a week (or more).

yoga, movement, breathwork and/or meditation.

virtual, on-site or off-site.

no matter your requests, we are all ears. the team at present experiences is dedicated to constructing a programme that is fitting for your intentions and needs, with classes conducted by qualified teachers and support made available before, during and after the classes.

physical wellness

incorporating movement into your daily life is essential in maintaining a functional body. those with desk-intensive jobs are more likely to experience physical stiffness, tension and strain, resulting from over one third of the day being spent unknowingly slouching over the desk looking at computer screens. besides the postural and mobility benefits that yoga and movement can bring, the fitness you gain contributes to a stronger immune system and a more resilient body.

mental wellness

continuous and demanding work without proper stress management may lead to a decrease in motivation in the short run, and potentially burnout in the long run. present experiences @ work seeks to provide a safe space for cultivating mental wellness and encouraging mental recovery, as well as practical tools in helping you cope with pressure as they arise.

​improved efficiency and productivity

yoga, movement, breathwork and meditation are great ways to help strengthen the mental capabilities in dealing with the noise and distractions that are causing psychological exhaustion and hindering performance.

with less mental clutter comes more clarity. and with clarity comes focus.

with focus comes enhanced efficiency and productivity with less fatigue.

boost in team morale and enhanced team cohesion

shared experiences that go beyond a purely work focus help your team form strong, beneficial bonds. with remote or blended working becoming the way forward, shared experiences emerge as a means to develop more robust connections between colleagues working from different locations, creating greater synergy when tackling work together.

the package / pricing

now you're excited. we are too!
before we fill you in with more information, we want to hear from you.

if you are in charge,

let's connect!

click the "request for information" button, fill up and submit the google form - we will get in touch with you within five (5) working days to discuss further.

we are committed to constructing the best possible programme that works for you.

if you are unable to make the call,

refer someone from your workplace who can!

your boss, your team lead, the hr team... or whoever in charge.

click the "refer my workplace" button, fill up and submit the google form - we will help you to reach out to the relevant party.

the best part - if your referral is successful, watch your email for a little treat!

if you're still unsure of what to expect, get in touch with us and we promise to get back to you shortly.

teach with us

yoga / breathwork / meditation

if you are passionate about what we stand for and wish to share your practice with the PX community, we'd love to connect with you!

we don't have a fancy google form for you to fill up just yet, but you can write to us at with the subject “teachers together - <your name>”.

see you on the bright side!

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