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we’re proud to host people from a variety of places and backgrounds, and are always striving to provide impactful experiences. see what our participants have to say about their time in our experiences.


"i attended the immerse in presence yoga retreat in janda baik and it was honestly the best first experience for me. 3 beautiful days of good vibes, gratitude and greenery, and we were flowing to the sounds of nature! absolutely love how the whole experience was intentionally crafted... it was really nice to be able to tune in to every moment and just enjoy being fully aware and present, especially when we live such busy lives and give out so much of our energy daily. thank you present experiences! i'm probably going to be talking about this for weeks, months, years to come."

ruby celine
participant, immerse in presence

"I loved present experiences' immerse in presence yoga retreat. the classes were really well planned and all focused on a different way to look inward and stay present. the group was lovely and intimate and present experiences struck just the right balance between scheduled classes and activities and free time for relaxation or reflection. great food too! fresh salads, soups, fish and yummy garlic bread served with every meal. winner."

elena kersey
participant, immerse in presence

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